Insulated bodies for commercial vehicles


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Davidson was founded in 1999, aiming to create a product capable to develop the specialized transport solutions , by maintaining the quality of the transported merchandise.



Our company's main goal is to create high standard new proffessional interior design, perfectly adapted to clients'needs, by using the latest materials and technologies, in order to accomplish efficient and long lasting transport solutions.
We enjoy challenges and we want to offer products and services in order to satisfy all clients' requests.



We want to become leaders in our field, in refrigerating / deepfreezing van insulation of commercial vehicles.
We also want to offer complete services for our present and future partners, by extending the range of connected services (special body buildings for the medical system, autolaboratories, special projects).


Values / Philosophy

Our daily activity philososphy is client's satisfaction.
Our main features: quality, reliability and promptitude; these, together with the team professionalism, lead to high quality products and place us at the top of the clients' list.


Our company approaches a new technology in isothermal body building, combining high quality and strength of materials with performant thermic insulation.
All the materials are exclusively imported and very high quality; they meet all requirements of the present reglementations:

- Low thermic conductibility
- High humidity resistance
- Excellent mechanical resistance
- High durability
- Low specific weight.



Davidson wants to accomplish a close relation with all the clients, by continuously researching and trying to adapt and greet their needs.
We offer an extended range of high standard services:

- Thermic insulations for vehicles
- Insulated bodies for commercial vehicles
- Van insulations
- Insulated truck bodies
- Insulated truck body kits
- Air conditioning systems for vehicles
- Frigorific truck bodies
- Frigorific vans
- Special body buildings.